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Monumental engineering and architectural creations like the Taj Mahal, the Pyramids and the Great Wall of China have kept mankind in awe since time immemorial. Such manmade built-structures have inspired the best amongst us to excel in the building of lasting engineering marvels.Our venture drew similar inspiration and in course of time blossomed into a thriving infrastructure services Company. We decided to give it a form and a name and we called it "ARTEFACT PROJECTS LTD."

ARTEFACT PROJECTS LTD., inspired by ‘Vishwakarma’, the Engineering deity revered in India, undertook the challenge to establish itself in the field of consultancy for infrastructure and specialized project services till then, considered an exclusive domain of firms from developed countries. With contiguous combination of technical expertise and Project Management experience, we have been able to bring projects from concepts and designs stage to their successful culmination. These Projects reflect our commitment, sincerity, dedication and sense of purpose, apparent in all our ventures that result in client satisfaction.

The growth trajectory of India is on an upward trend in the coming decade and we shall contribute to its demand by expanding our expertise in new verticals together with increment in core business.


“Every Achievement is a milestone in a journey, not a destination, with every success, his goals keep getting bigger”
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